Morning rain swamps parts of Walters

WALTERS--Just over four inches of rain fell in a little over four hours, soaking Walters and leading to road closures and widespread local flooding.

"Early this morning, just before daybreak, we probably had two, two-and-a-half feet of just straight rainwater on the streets," said Walters City Manager John Sheppard.  "This is not creek flooding.  This is just localized rainfall that we can't get out of town fast enough."

The major flooding took place on the city's southeast side where both roads and yards were covered in feet of water at one point around 6 Tuesday morning.  Sheppard said city crews had to rescue several people who were stuck in their cars, which became inundated with water.  Several of the cars stalled out and were left for tow trucks in the middle of drying roads by their owners.

"Be very careful of high water," Sheppard urged.  "If you see a pool of water out there don't guess how deep it is.  If you're driving on wet roads please slow down.  A couple of cars have already hydroplaned."

In one neighborhood where water entered homes and came perilously close to several more Charles and Beverly Ellis watched with bated breath.

"There was water going across the roadway," said Charles Ellis as he waded in shin-high water in the middle of Indiana Street.  "By the time I came out here and stepped off those steps, I was knee deep in water."

"Everything was just underwater.  I just didn't know what to do," said his wife, Beverly Ellis, as she stood on somewhat drier ground in her front yard.  "I was afraid it was going to get in our house.  We don't have flood insurance.  I don't know what I'd do."

By Tuesday afternoon, both John Sheppard and Beverly Ellis reported the water had significantly receded from the flooded areas of Walters.