Lieutenant Governor Askins' War on Gangs

Oklahoma City_Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins of Duncan met with seventeen gang leaders Sunday in Oklahoma City to try to put an end to the drive- by's, graffiti, and shootings - all results of gang activity. "I know from being in southwest Oklahoma that Lawton certainly has a significant problem with gangs and it also then filters out to communities surrounding the Lawton area, whether that be Altus or Frederick or Duncan or Chickasha or wherever it may be," Askins said.

Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins and Oklahoma City District Attorney David Prater were in Edwards Park Sunday with over 200 people, trying to find some kind of solution. "This meeting was the result of encouragement from young men who had been gang members and wanted to try to break away from the gangs and keep younger people from joining the gangs - in an effort to reduce the violence in that community and in all of OKC," Askins said.

The 'Stop The Violence Rally' is an effort to get the community more involved rather than just having police do it.

"I've seen the impact, good and bad, of what happens when violence gets totally out of control, gets driven by a gang.  Violence is bad at any level but when you multiply it by individuals, it really escalates beyond what law enforcement can do on their own."