Lawton water quality constantly tested following watermain break

Lawton_The water line break has some east Lawton residents worried their water supply has been contaminated.  The Garden Village Addition, just east of I-44, is still under a mandatory water boil order this week.  Many people have low water pressure and have even found dirt and film in their water.

Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Dave Herring says the water is safe.  They have increased their treatment of the water to make sure no one gets sick.   Herring says when you have a break in a water line, you risk having your clean water get connected to an unknown water supply which isn't treated.  That's what the boil order is for.

Due to all the excess rain and the water main break, the water treatment plant has to make sure any standing water in the line is clean and safe.

"We are on top of it.  The mandatory boil order will be lifted as soon as we have all our samples and are sure on that," Herring said.

The staff at the water treatment plant said they test Lawton water samples at two- to four-minute intervals every day.