OK lottery director explains new TV game show

OKLAHOMA CITY-- It's not "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" or "Deal or No Deal," but the Oklahoma Lottery is hoping its new TV game show will be just as popular among state viewers. The lottery director says several states televise game shows, including our neighbors in Missouri.  If all goes as planned, you'll have a chance to win some big bucks on Oklahoma's show beginning in October.

Many of the details are still in the planning stages, but right now it looks there will be four, half-hour shows every month. All you're going to have to do to get on the show is buy a lottery ticket.

Before he came to Oklahoma, State Lottery Director Jim Scroggins guided Missouri's lottery to a new level of popularity. He says giving players a chance to win even more money on TV was a big part of it.  With the game show, Scroggins says people will want to be on TV. They'll even buy a special scratch ticket for a chance to get on the show. That's what sets it apart from those you see on national TV. "You and I are not likely to get on them(traditional game shows), because you stand in line and they go along and say, 'I'll take that one and you take that one'. And it's all on how you're going to react on TV. So here, anybody can get on just by submitting a ticket," Scroggins said.

While the format is still under development, Scroggins says players will likely play some preliminary games before the winner of those moves on for a chance to win $ 50,000. Scroggins says those who appear on the show will likely be guaranteed to win a certain amount of money.

We'll let you know when it's set to air.