Shred to be I-D safe

Lawton, OK--These days it's getting easier and easier for thieves to steal your identity. That's why the Lawton Fort Sill Crimestoppers is putting on its First Annual Shred Day on Saturday in the parking lot of Central Mall, where you can shred your personal documents at no charge.

Law enforcement willhand out literature about the dangers of identity theft and explain how to protect yourself. Plus, a local business called File Thirteen will be on site to dispose of your documents.  Just bring your documents and they'll do the work.  Instead of the straight-line shredding process used in the machines we have in our homes and offices....this one shreds the tiny paper pieces almost to dust.

"We have a pulperizer so our truck will actually beat the paper so that it falls through a screen and roughly 10 to 15 percent will turns to dust. So, you can't recreate it," Jay Alexander, a paper destruction specialist at File Thirteen, said.

Detective Brent Yarbrough believes this machine will help to destroy any identifiable information on your documents.  "Thieves are actually taking that information and taping it back together. So you are not safe with the old style shredder. You need something that's going to chop into minute pieces. And that's what File Thirteen does," Yarbrough said.

The Shred Day is free and you can bring up to five office-size boxes of paper.  It'll run from 9am until 3pm Saturday, weather permitting in the northwest corner of the Central Mall parking lot.