Cache Flooding

Cache_Creeks all over Cache are overflowing their banks due to the excessive rain.  It's becoming dangerous.  "All these creeks are coming out and every time someone gets stuck, they're not only endangering themselves but they are also putting the rescue workers in danger," Cache Fire Captain Steve Red Elk said.

Red Elk also said West Cache Creek is also causing serious flooding on the other side of town. There is a voluntary evacuation notice for residents in the Shady Lane neighborhood, which flooded last month.  Red Elk says he won't be surprised if it becomes mandatory. "Shady Lane's just in a low spot in town and it's right on that creek.  Right now, everything comes off the refuge and that side of the refuge is coming down that way."

If there are more evacuations, the Red Cross has a shelter set up at the First Methodist Church on West C Avenue.