Floodwaters top car bridge in Medicine Park

MEDICINE PARK-- It's a sight most people have never seen or ever expected to see...water rushing over the famous car bridge in Medicine Park. City officials say if the pressure on it continued, it could have buckled and washed away.

By 3pm on Friday, water was just inches from the town's cobblestone stores. "I just thought I better get to the shop and get stuff off the floors, get the electric turned off, propane turned off," said shop owner Lynna Mize.

Many other store owners were doing the same thing as the water was expected to keep rising, eventually covering the main road in Medicine Park. "I've done all I can do," said Mize. "Now it's just up to nature. This building has been here since 1908, I hope it will last another year."

On the other side of the mountain, Lake Lawtonka was out of its banks near the Schoolhouse Slough. The water was so high, a pontoon boat was able to pull up next to the marina. There was no way to tell where the road ends and the lake begins.

Justin McLoughlin and his family took their chances to save their travel trailer from Lawtonka's surge, however it wasn't easy. "It was kind of leery at the end, because it was getting up past the exhaust on the truck. We didn't know if the truck was going to keep running, but we got it out."

Other people weren't so lucky. Even a tow truck had a hard time getting a trailer out. It was already submerged beneath several feet of water. Other lakegoers were hoping they wouldn't have to suffer the same fate, even though there was nothing they could do about it.