FEMA Team assesses Comanche County damage

LAWTON--A FEMA preliminary damage assessment team came to Comanche County on Tuesday to do a damage estimate following last weeks flooding.

"If the state or county has the resources to take care of their problems then they do," said FEMA Spokesman Winston Barton.  "It's when the problem gets so big, financially, they don't have the resources to do it then FEMA comes in."

The FEMA team in Lawton on Tuesday was assessing damage for individual assistance.  That's the help given to individuals who have suffered damage.

"They want to see what the damage looks like.  How much it costs to repair it," Barton said.  "That's hard to tell, but in talking with folks it just takes a little bit of water to do several thousands of dollars worth of damage."

According to Barton, Governor Henry's office has requested that each county affected by the floods send a damage report to his office by Friday.  The damage report from Comanche County will be put together using information given to 211 operators by those who have suffered damage.

In order to put together a more accurate and comprehensive report, officials are asking anyone with flood damage who has not called 211 to do so before Friday.