Attendance is up at local lakes for Fourth of July

LAWTON, OK--The water levels in Lawton lakes is ideal following the three-year drought and heavy rains over the last month-and-a-half.  Last Friday, the waters forced campers at lake Lawtonka and Ellsworth to evacuate.  Now with the sun out, it was a welcome sight that made for happy camping on Fourth of July.

Karen Mccoy was forced to move out last friday. Her camper full of water.  So bad it had to be pulled out.  Her campsite has always been in this spot for more than 10 years. And never had she seen it flood.

Her neighbors to the north....Thomas Espinoza and family have been at this campsite even longer...since the 80's.  He said the last 3 years were the worst for his water ski's and boat. His place didn't flood, so he stuck it out.  And he says it was worth the wait.

A lot of campers had carpets that were ruined and needed a little drying out.  But some of the older trailer campers will are a complete loss.

And because the waters have receded at Lawton lakes---business is booming.  One convenience store told Seven News, business has been the best so far all Summer.