Teens arrested in connection with eastside burglaries

LAWTON--A rash of burglaries on Lawton's east side has kept detectives busy for over a month now.  At this time, they have seven teenage boys in custody.  Deputy Chief James Apple says they expect to make more arrests in the next several days.   They can't release any names at this time, because he says it could delay more arrests.

The rash of break-ins started over a month ago for several residents in the Skyline East addition, off Flower Mound Road.  Police say the criminals stole a wide range of items, from a pickup, to guns and a video camera.  Investigators say the teens actually recorded themselves committing the crimes.  Lawton Deputy Police Chief James Apple also said the teens used the stolen pickup and the guns during a drive by shooting at a Lawton business.

Deputy Chief Apple strongly suggests if you notice something is missing, even if it's a week or so after the fact, please make contact with the police department.