Help arrives from around the country for Wichita Falls flood victims

Wichita Falls_The flooding in Wichita Falls has subsided, but the destruction the water left behind remains.

Water up to four feet deep caused lots of damage to many homes and businesses.  But help is on the way.  Teams from the city and from all over the country are there this week to bring some relief, providing food, water, and some heavy lifting.

Leif Johansson is part of the ALERT program. That's the Air Land Emergency Response Resource Team out of Dallas.  It's an academy where students learn emergency response training.  They were called in yesterday to help.

"We basically been going to houses and helping clear out things that have been ruined.  We'll help people pack up their personal belongings.  And we've been pulling out sheetrock, things that have been ruined and prepare it to come back in to build, basically," Johansson said.

These young men have been busy for the last two day hauling out wet carpets, furniture, and belongings for people all over town.

But the Alert Team wasn't the only ones in Wichita Falls going to where the need is.  The Red Cross Disaster Assistance trucks were all over the neighborhood, delivering water and food.

The Red Cross will also be combining it's two shelters for flood victims.  The remaining shelter will be at Kirby Junior High School on North Loop 11.