Floodwaters recede, road projects arise

Lawton_All the water has left many of Lawton's roads in bad shape. So, city workers are taking advantage of the sun to take care of it. Workers say the erosion and potholes are worse than they've seen in decades.

On East Rogers Lane, just north of Garden Village, there's a 5-foot hole that has eroded underneath the asphalt and all the floodwater peeled away the sturdy shoulder.  "We lost so much of the side of the roads and it went under the road with erosion," said Lawton Streets Superintendent David Tracy.   "If we don't secure it right now, we'll lose the roadway. We have a lot of money invested in that roadway. So what we are doing is trying to save that roadway."

The city tells 7NEWS it has lost count of all the potholes that appeared after the water vanished.  But for now, the major projects like East Rogers Lane come first and they say it will be up to two weeks before they're back on track.   That's if the weather holds out.