Wife of murdered samaritan cries out for justice

LAWTON, OK-- The wife of a local murder victim cries out for justice for her husband and his killer. Last week, James Dubose was lured from his home to a night club by a man who called for help, saying he needed gas. When Dubose got there, someone pulled a gun on him, robbed him and then killed him with a single gunshot. A delivery man found Dubose, behind the club, alone in his car, the next morning.

The biggest question the entire family has is -- why would someone do this? "If they would have said, give me everything you've got, or get hurt, he would have walked home," said his wife, Mary Dubose. "He would have left his car, he would have given everything that they wanted. So they didn't necessarily have to do it like this."

Mary Dubose says James was a good man -- a family man who would do anything for the people he loved. "He took care of everybody -- me, my family, his friends, his acquaintances, anybody that called him and asked him for help, he would help." And that's what happened the night of July 3rd, when a man lured him out to the club, and then robbed him. "I'm just assuming that this person is just generally a low life," Mary Dubose said. "And just thought James had a lot of money, and robbed him."

The sheriff's department says the suspect shot James once and left him for dead. "He didn't know the man he was doing this to, he just did not know," Mary Dubose said. "He was just some low life piece of trash, his greed or whatever his issue is, he just did not realize the type of man he was hurting and now he will pay for it, a thousand times over I'm sure, he will pay for it."

Once the suspect is charged -- the Dubose family says they will be there for every day of his trial until they see justice for James's death. "Personally I'm a strong believer in an eye for an eye," Mary Dubose said. "So you take a life, I believe your life should be taken. I would be more than happy to see him put to death, because that is what he did to James -- he put him to death so that is what he deserves."

The sheriff's department is not releasing the name of the suspect arrested on Saturday until he is formally charged with murder. He was not arraigned Tuesday night, meaning the District Attorney must charge him tomorrow before the 72-hour hold period expires.