Neighbor's tip helps police nab burglar in the act

LAWTON--Police caught a man red-handed, breaking into a home Monday afternoon at 6108 Euclid.  Police say a neighbor heard a noise, looked out her window and saw someone trying to break in the front door of the house next to her. The neighbor says she felt she had a duty to call 911. Five minutes later, officers were there.

The homeowner, Russell Graves, was at work when the burglar struck. This is the second time in two years that Graves has been robbed.  Last time he wasn't so lucky, the criminals ransacked his house.  He says since then, he's made some changes, such as purchasing a safe, which is bolted to the floor and walls, to lock up valuables.

Police say their burglary suspect, Jarrell Eldridge, didn't get much, about $20 in coins and some poker chips.  Eldridge has been charged with 2nd-degree burglary.