Crimestoppers playing cards for inmates

Wichita Falls--The Wichita Falls Police Department is joining forces with the Sheriff's office to solve some cold case crimes in the city - unsolved and violent felony cases which usually don't have a statute of limitations.  Some of them date as far back as 1980.  They want these crimes solved as soon as they can, so, they're getting the inmates themselves involved.  They'll be using decks of playing cards, just like you have at home.  The only difference is *these* cards have information from those cold cases and will be given to inmates for their help.

Crimestoppers Officer Harold McClure saw the success of this program in other cities and thought the inmates would be a good resource.

"What we're kind of hoping is that when the inmates are playing cards, you know, they'll recognize something or they might see something on the card that might trigger a memory.  They might have some information," McClure said.

Crimestoppers works on an anonymous basis, so police don't know anything about the callers.  If the information leads to an arrest, callers get a reward of up to $1,000.

They have one thousand decks to distribute.  Later, more cards may be circulated to the public, but it depends on how well the program works.

Each card contains the wanted person's name, a picture if available, and information about the crime plus the contact information for Crimestoppers.