Stephens County communication center improvements

Duncan--Just three months ago, the Stephens County Communications Center was in the middle of a crisis.    This center coordinates police, fire and ambulance services for the entire county.   But they had no director and there were lots of complaints about the dispatch system.

Even some of the founding members of that trust were thinking about leaving.   But now, things seem to have turned around.

On Wednesday, the Stephens County Public Safety Communications Authority met to discuss the progress on the center.

"The best thing, I think, that came out of the meeting is probably the new training program.  That, plus the fact that we are going to add four new members to the dispatch staff," Trust Member & Duncan's Assistant Police Chief Rick Lang said

Assistant Chief Rick Lang said this training is great, especially with the new employees.

They have a total of thirteen dispatchers now on staff and are going to hire two additional ones, including an assistant coordinator to help out Police Sergeant John Webb, the acting Coordinator.

Right now, the communications center covers Duncan, Comanche, and Velma. They are looking to expand their coverage to include the city of Marlow and Jefferson County.