Sheriff's Deputy's brakes vandalized

Jackson, Co--Did someone intentionally try to hurt a Jackson County deputy or was it just a random act of vandalism?  The deputy thinks someone did it on purpose.

He says someone clipped the brake lines on his cruiser and drained the fluid---so it wouldn't be able to stop.  Deputy Tim Crozier says it happened while he was on vacation.  When he got back. He wanted to catch up on some chores and decided to mow the grass.  When he moved his cruiser out of the way, he noticed...something wasn't right.   "No telling who could have been run over," Crozier said.

Sheriff Roger Levick says whoever did this will be charged with malicious injury to property, at the least.  He says this is a serious crime.  He called it "an attempt on someone's life".

If you know who may vandalized the Jackson County sheriff's patrol unit while it sat in Eldorado all last week, call the Altus-Jackson County Crimestoppers at  580-482-INFO(4636).

You could receive a cash reward for any information that may lead to an arrest.