Fans for friends in Lawton

LAWTON--The rain is over for the most part and now the temperatures are starting to sizzle.    It's tough on a lot of people but none more so than the elderly and the very young.  Lawton's Salvation Army is providing some cool relief for those in need.

Salvation Army Captain John Murphy says its that time of year again.  Last year the Salvation Army gave out over 250 in Lawton.  One of the lucky ones who received a fan was Rhonda  Pawai.  Pawai says the Salvation Army is a real life saver.   She says she's told several  friends about the free fans and a lot of people who need help may not know that help is out there.

But while The Salvation Army wants to make sure everyone who needs fans gets them, it also wants to be sure the need is legitimate.   If you're not honest about needing help, it only hurts those who really do.  If you need help, here are the requirements if you don't have an air conditioning.   You'll  need to take a valid social security card, a picture ID and proof of residence in Comanche County.  If you have all of that, you'll get your free fan.

Also if you'd like to donate a new fan, The Salvation Army will be happy to take one or you can make a cash donation.  The Salvation Army's number is 357-7541.