Altus counterfeiter behind bars after store clerks' tip

Altus--A couple of alert store clerks in Altus are the reason a suspected counterfeiter is behind bars.  29-year-old Felix Diaz was arrested after authorities said he tried to pass counterfeit money to two local businesses.  But the clerks at both stores were sharp and noticed something was wrong.  They called officers, who then tracked down Diaz at his home at 811 North Hightower.  That's where they found the mother lode: a complete setup for printing money.

Altus Police Detective Michael Turner said the house had computers, scanners and printers. Everything needed to make the money.  This was all the evidence needed to make the arrest.

"And we're just real fortunate this time.  The clerks were right on top of the game.  They followed their protocol as they always do and everything just fell right into place," Turner said.

Altus police say more people are involved and are still investigating.   Diaz is scheduled to stand before Judge Suzanne Mollison Friday.  He faces charges of counterfeiting, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and use of a police scanner in the commission of a felony.  The counterfeiting charges have a maximum of a seven-year sentence.