Wichita Falls animals are flood victims, too

WICHITA FALLS_While some flood victims are still struggling to pick up the pieces, other flood victims are still waiting to be picked up.  We're talking about the 4-legged kind: dogs, cats, your pets.

The Wichita Falls Animal Shelter & Reclaim Center and Humane Society is calling on you for help.  The Humane Society says it has a full house most of the year, but it's much worse this year because of all the recent flooding.

It's been overwhelmed with these little guys that not only lost their owners, but their homes.  Man's best friend is always there for you and now they need you to be there for them.

Kelly Herrellson,  Executive Director of the Wichita Falls Humane Society, says it's shocking there are still so many evacuees here.  "Through these storms we have nearly 80 to 90 extra mouths to feed.   It's been we have an overcrowding issue, but we're just trying to keep everybody feed, and healthy until the owners come and pick them up."

The past two weeks the Humane Society even waived fees for anyone who needs to pick up their animals.

If you're missing your pet or would like to adopt one or even volunteer, call The Humane Society at 940-855-4941.