Rains bring loads of mosquitos and other insects

Lawton, OK--This could be the worst season for mosquitos we've seen in recent years....thanks to all the rain.  And with it naturally comes the scare of west nile disease.

So far, there have been no cases confirmed in Oklahoma...as opposed to last year where there were six deaths.  The Comanche County Health Department is warning people to take care of their lawns.  When the grass is high, the mosquitos swarm. Keeping it cut--- could keep you healthy.

The last couple of months have been ideal for mosquitos. They love damp conditions.  You can find them in standing water and in tall grass and in weeds.

Karen Mahan with the  health department says not keeping your yard cut down to size will make it easier for the bugs to breed.  Of course, the problem with keeping up with our yards....it won't stay dry long enough to cut it. So the mosquito population grows even larger.

Health officials say the high-risk period for west nile virus exposure is right now through October.  So while you're cutting the grass, protect yourself with repellent and dress so that as much skin as possible is covered.

The health department also reminds us to get a tetanus shot if you haven't received one in over 10 years.  There is much concern for those who are rebuilding or clearing debris after the flood waters.

That standing water that attracts the mosquitoes also contains bacteria that can infect an open wound.  Health departments across the state are offering them free.