Duncan burglary

Duncan_Russell Hulme returned home from out of the country and realized he'd been robbed.  He was gone for almost nine months and when he returned home in late May, he found someone had ransacked his house at lake Humphrey.  They stole more than $50,000.00 in electronics, several guns and a lot of jewelry.   Duncan detectives wouldn't be where they are today with this case if it weren't for the paper trail Oklahoma pawn shops have. Every time you pawn something, you have to show your ID and  fill out a ticket and that means there's always a record  of it.

The criminals took microphones, amps, guitars,  guns,  laptops and much more.  Russell Hulme is in the recording business and says when he came home and found his life's work destroyed.  Hulme says, "When you work most of your life trying to acquire certain things and you feel they're safe, you come home and everything is gone and ransacked its pretty devastating."

It happened months ago so he held out little hope police would find the culprits.  But detective John Byers turned to "Leadsonline".   He says through this web site law enforcement can track different pawn shops nationwide.   That's how Byers says they nabbed Gary Shannon of Marlow.   Detectives say that since this development in the Hulme case,  they were able to reopen closed cases from the lake Humphrey area.

Investigators say it's never too late to report a crime.  If you know anything that might help Duncan police on other crimes, call crime stoppers at 252-INFO (252-4636)