Young men arrested for carrying guns and knife

Lawton_Two men caused chaos and were arrested this weekend for weapon possession.

Officers arrived at Cache Rd. Square just before eleven Saturday night, and that's when they saw a huge mob. One kid told police the group of young men running toward Starbucks were carrying guns. Officers narrowed their suspects to a group of five young men, who they saw jump a concrete wall. Police caught them in the K-Mart parking lot and had them lie on the asphalt. While searching them, police say they found a silver gun in 18-year-old Jamar Wells' pants.

Both Wells and a second man, 18-year-old Gregory Dixon, were taken into custody. Officers say Dixon had a knife with an eight-and-a-half inch blade. Police say Dixon is from Illinois -- and was running with the four other young men who police say are known gang members in Lawton. But while police were searching these two men, police say a third suspect got up from the ground and started running toward a nearby restaurant. A witness told police he jumped in the trash dumpster. Next to it, officers say they found a loaded 38 special handgun lying in the grass.

Police confirmed the silver gun found in Wells' pants was stolen out of Dallas. He is charged with possession of both a firearm and stolen property. Dixon was booked into the city jail for possession of a blade longer than six inches.