Arson spree in Jackson County

Jackson County has a fire bug on its hands.  Investigators have worked at least 4 arsons that happened in remote areas just southeast of Altus.  Sheriff Roger Levick says that they all happened this weekend and the latest one happened around midnight last night.

Inside a purposley torched barn were bales of hay. Both the barn and its contents were worth about 18-thousand dollars. Just down the road the arsonist set more bales of hay on fire as well as a wooden bridge.  The bridge doesn't get much traffic, but it's still important to the farmers who use it daily.

Levick believes all four incidents were done by the same person or persons, but he wouldn't say how they might be connected.  He also did not comment on how the fires were started.  Right now he doesn't have a suspect, but he did say the culprits left some evidence at the scene that will help them with their investigation.

Tillman County is also working a fire not far from the Jackson County blazes.  They believe their fire is connected to the ones in Jackson County.