Lush foliage cause of residential traffic hazards

Lawton_Mother Nature is causing traffic problems for local residents and visitors alike.  Thanks to all the rain the City of Lawton has overgrown trees, wild grass and dangerous tree limbs to contend with.  It is a sight some residents see everyday.

In some parts of town, if you go for a drive, you can barely see where a stop sign should be.  For instance, at the intersection of 3rd and Summit a stop sign is not obiously visible even once a vehicle is stopped at the intersection. Moving down to Summit and 4th and then 6th there is still a lack of visibility for important traffic signs.

Dan Step has lived in Lawton for years. He says he can anticipate when there should be a stop sign but for new drivers or visitors they wouldn't know that sign is there and wouldn't be able to make a timely stop.

Dan says, "I was sitting on the porch just yesterday and noticed I couldn't see the stop sign. So I walked out in the street and half way across and finally saw it, so if I were driving I would have to be over the center line to find that stop sign. Yes, that's a concern."

The City of Lawton would like to be of assistance when there is a situation of dangerous overgrowth covering a traffic sign.  If you see a sign that is hidden by foliage, please report it to the Lawton Street Department as soon as possible.

Their number is 581-3424.