Good intentions turn bad for local business owner

Lawton_A Lawton business owner says he's learned his lesson.  From now on, no more teen parties without an adult taking responsibility.

He says that's why this weekend's gathering at his business at Cache Road Square turned so ugly.  The trouble began with an argument that started in the store, then moved outside, and escalated into a fight. Some of those gathered spotted a small handful of teenagers carrying weapons.

When Lawton Police got there, they chased a few of the teens to the next parking lot.  And that's when they found a gun, that had been reported stolen out of Dallas, and a knife.    Anthony Arongay says he created his four month old internet business to give youngsters something positive to do in their free time. But this Saturday night the fun turned very serious.

Arongay said early Saturday afternoon a 14 year old and his Stepfather came to the business to book a party, something Arongay regularly offers his customers.  A party to have fun, certainly not to cause trouble.  The 14 year old only wanted to use the store and not the computer games, so Arongay suggested other places.  When the teen couldn't find another venue for his party, Arongay agreed to host the party at Gamenet.   "That was my first mistake. I didn't wait for the stepdad before the party started."

The minor signed off on the list of rules and assumed sole responsibility for libel.  Soon, teens were pouring in.  At the time he thought it was a good thing.  "When there were a lot of kids coming over, initially, I was happy because I was getting exposure. And they were giving good reviews about the place."

A worried Arongay and his staff tried to keep the crowd under control and called police.  Police chased some of the teens, found the weapons and have arrested two people, so far.  Arongay says he did not know anyone in the crowd, but he does have surveillance cameras that captured video of much of the crowd while they were indoors.

Next time around, Arongay says he won't allow any party to be booked unless there is an adult or a few adults to supervise and, unless his games are part of the package.