"North of Austin, West of Nashville: Red Dirt Music"

Move over, Steven Spielberg.  You have some competition coming your way.  They're Cameron University students who are creating a documentary from start to finish.  They are in charge of it all:  setting up interviews, shooting the video and putting it all together.  Now they're putting the finishing touches on "North of Austin, West of Nashville: Red Dirt Music"

They've been on the road for the last six weeks.   Now they're home, getting ready for the big premiere next week.

And It's all about the music and the music makers.  That's what producer Kyle Cabelka focuses on.  He's a Cameron senior and he's busy making sure all the footage they've shot over the past six weeks is where it needs to be.

"We've been traveling all over Texas and Oklahoma for about the past eight weeks.  I think we've put on about 5000 miles in traveling to concerts, just about every weekend," Cabelka said.  Cabelka says putting together a real documentary gives him hands-on movie-making experience he couldn't get anywhere else around here.

The movie is about Red Dirt Music.  This fusion of rock, country and bluegrass is a genre exclusive to Oklahoma and Texas.  The students have gone to dozens of concerts this summer, getting to hear a lot of it.  Director Dan Hyde said it's been great getting to meet all the artists.

"Now hearing all these artists, I've actually started enjoying listening to some of these artists.  And that was the good thing about it, is actually getting to see a new music genre that I was not exposed to," Hyde said.

Even though they got to meet the muscians, the work could be pretty dirty.  It took lots of setting up and tearing down of equipment, every place they went.  While it's been a lot of fun, it's still a class and they will still need good grades.

"Our professor actually says in order to get an A, he wants the theatre on Tuesday night to be full.  But I think he's just kidding about that," Cabelka said.

The students will be showing the completed documentary at a *free*concert with Red Dirt Artist Johnny Cooper live.  The premiere will be on July 24th at the Cameron University theatre.  And you're invited.  Doors open at 6:30.