Duncan and Ft. Sill team up to assist each other in emergencies

Duncan_The City of Duncan says this is the first time an agreement with between their city and Ft. Sill has been made.  Duncan will have ten times the resources than it has now, with Fort Sill's help.   And of course, it could also work the other way around.

Duncan residents had to deal with massive flooding, in May and June that destroyed property and forced people from their homes.  The Duncan Fire Department worked round the clock during this emergency, but firefighters were stretched thin.

It was a fire, last year, that prompted Fire Chief Larry Sullins to explore other options for emergency assistance.  Chief Sullins had been on the job only two weeks.  Years of experience taught him, "You always plan for the worst and hope for the best. You may have something the next day that's out of your control and that's what you think about is mutual aid."

Mutual aid is what the agreement that Duncan and Fort Sill will sign soon is all about.  "With the grass fires that happen last year Fort Sill was unable to provide any time of actual support" said Chief Sullins.

Duncan City Manager Shaw praised Sullins for negotiating this agreement.  He says Fort Sill has air craft able to take to the skies quickly, bigger trucks and even boats that could have helped with this spring's flooding.  Sullins says this means more resources are available, if needed.

All that's left is for Ft. Sill to sign the documents and it will be a done deal.