The Altus Red Cross needs your help

Altus_The Red Cross chapter based in Altus needs your help.  Right now, they've exceeded its disaster budget for the year and it just started using it this month.

The reason they are in the red is because of the recent heavy rains.  Hobart, Mountain Park and Snyder were hit hard with floods.  The Southwest Oklahoma Red Cross chapter worked almost 30 cases of flood victims because they have no other help, such as the United Way.

In fact, this is the second year that chapter based out of Altus has gone without the United Way's help.  The board disbanded the organization after money was found to have been mismanaged.  So now, the folks at the Red Cross are suffering the loss.

CPR classes go on, but only on a volunteer basis.  The chapter only has one full paid position,  The Executive Director, and one part time paid instructor.  Two other key positions had to be nixed because of the lack of funding.

Board Chairman Allan Meier says the United Way donated 40-percent of its budget in the past and the chapter usually budgets for eight thousand of it towards disasters. Last year they stayed pretty close to their budget with regular house fires, but, this year, the floods like this one in Hobart put them over the edge.  They've already spent 30-thousand in flood help.

Many Red Cross chapters are funded by the United Way and other large foundations, but the Southwest Oklahoma chapter in Altus is "self-sufficient".  They rely heavily on fundraisers and you the public.