Pickup truck runs over and kills Lawton teenager

LAWTON-- A Lawton teenager was killed by a pickup truck.  Police say it happened around 8:30 Thursday morning on the city's east side.  The victim has been identified as 16-year-old Jeffery King. Investigators say he and some co-workers at Sullivan's Sod and Dairy farm were in a pickup truck getting ready to go out on a job when something went terribly wrong.

Police say King was riding in the back. "It was just a flatbed truck and he wasn't going very fast and he was just making a u-turn and some how the kid either fell off, jumped off," said LPD Chief Ronnie Smith. He says King's foot got caught in the pickup's wheel well and he was pulled under the tires. The fire department says he died at the scene from massive head injuries.

Daniel Langford says it's one of the toughest things he's ever had to witness. He says what started as a typical morning at work, turned into tragedy in a blink of an eye. "He had one foot hanging off the pickup truck, the truck was coming to a stop, but not a complete stop and when he was getting off, his foot got caught between the tire and it just drug him under the tires. He leaps off trucks all the time, but I just don't know what happened. How it could happen."

Langford says he and other workers rushed to call 911 and to see if they could help King, but they could tell he was in bad shape.  Langford says it was especially hard to handle for the driver of the pickup. "When he got out and saw him, he was just in complete shock and took off running behind the barn and was crying tears."

Tears for King, who Langford calls a great kid and a very hard worker. "He was a real smart student. Everybody got along with him just fine, and if he were here right now, I'd say Jeffrey I'm going to miss you. I hope he looks down on me at times."

To make matters even worse, Langford says King's parents were in Tennessee Thursday morning when the accident happened.  Police had to break the news to them over the phone before they returned home to Lawton.