Altus Parks Curfew

Altus_No more hanging out at Altus parks at night.  The City Council has approved an ordinance setting a nightly curfew at all city parks.   Its closing parks around town at eleven p.m. and opening them back up at five in the morning.  There has been a lot of vandalism in the parks and the City wants to put an end to it.  And with all the recent shootings, they hope to make Altus a little bit safer.

Amanda Gipson and her son Amos enjoy coming to the park.  And now they feel safer because of the curfew set by the city.

"I don't think our city wants to be known for a lot of violence and you know destructive things going on," Gipson said. That's part of the reason Altus Parks and Recreation Director Randy Marple thinks the curfew is a great idea.

"We're hoping that this will help curtail the vandalism in our parks.  So that's what the idea.  Just another thing to help alleviate the problems because we know that a lot of the problems are happening late at night," Marple said.

People can still exercise in the early-morning hours but be sure that's what you're doing or else it may cost you a hefty fine. The citations for anyone caught breaking the curfew have a maximum fine of two hundred dollars.  Also to help enforce it, the city is installing security cameras in the parks around Altus, starting at the imagination station playground on falcon road.