Jackpot at the dump?

Lawton_The landfill is where everyone throws their trash.  But why would someone throw away money?  That's the question the Lawton Police Department is asking after an employee saw a big wad of it flying through the air at the city landfill.  There's been no actual count, but we're told it appeared there was lots of it.

Wayne Bartlett operates a huge bulldozer designed to demolish anything in sight.  By mid morning he hit the jackpot, literally, and didn't even realize it.  He hit a mound of trash and a wad of money came flying out.  Bartlett said,  " I couldn't tell you how much it was or anything.  I seen it fly up.  And I went ahead and pushed over to the work place and covered it up."

Bartlett said other residents who were dumping trash were in the same area when it happened.  When they saw the money flying, they went running and grabbing.  Jim Bonnerans who runs the landfill says whatever dollar bills remained intact, people in the area took.  Only one 20-dollar bill was found.

The machine used is made to tear up anything in sight.  However Bonnerans believes there is still some money floating around. So treasure seekers will be curious. That's why from now on they'll be watching closely. No one really knows just how much money was there originally, how much bystanders picked up or even where it came from.  Bonnarens said once the machinery hits the trash it's nearly impossible to recover anything, but thanks to the light wind today, some money hit the air before it was destroyed.

Bonnerans did file a police report to see if the money had been missing, stolen or just simply misplaced.  Police are also checking to see if the bills are real.

If you have any information about the money dumped at the Lawton landfill call police right away.