Porta Potty Problem

Lawton_Several lake goers say that last month's storms blew over some portable toilets at Lake Lawtonka and the toilets were very close to the lake itself.  Right now, there are no rules about where those porta-potties can be set up and used or even if they should be fastened to the ground.  The city's lakes and land commission wants to change that with some stricter guidelines.

What's interesting about this situation is that, as of now, the cities Lakes and Land Commission has no rules or guidelines at all as to where the portable toilets need to be placed.  Doyle Bigham said, "Somebody put them there they should be responsible from them and if they dump over it will not only dump on their property but possibly back into the lake so then I guess that's the reason."  He said this is a serious situation.

Fellow lake goer J.D. Powell agrees.  He said, "I really don't have a problem with someone having a porta-potty out there unless there is an issue with maybe being to close to the lake because that is are drinking water and I can see the contamination of it as well as being our recreation lake." They both agree it's time the city did something about it.

Richard Bonine, the Leisure Service Administrator for the City of Lawton says, first and foremost, the city wants its citizens to be safe.   He said,  "What we're going to do is we're going to follow any EPA statutes to the letter, that's the first thing. Then, we being the lakes and lands commission, if they (the EPA) happen to suggest new guidelines from the city's point of view, that will happen."  The problem is, no one in the city knows if there's a state statute that covers this.

We contacted a local supplier portable toilets to get his take on what some sensible guidelines should be.  He says it would be a good idea to fasten the toilets to the ground.  He says whatever the city decides, he will support.

Now the city is not suggesting to get rid of the portable toilets. They just want to check the EPA and the state to make sure they're in compliance with the law. And it's possible they could enforce users to tie down the toilets in case of severe weather.