The hazards of farming

Lawton_According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the nation.  Hundreds of workers die in agriculture accidents each year and, that's why hay farmer Joe McMahon makes sure safety comes first in his fields.

Last year he was stacking a load of hay and he jumped too fast and fell, breaking his heel.  "And that was something I was used to doing, I did it everyday," McMahon said. "And now I'm more cautious.  My wife's told me I don't jump off of trucks like I used to and I don't hop around as fast as I used to. "

He says he is always preaching safety to his workers, because accidents like this happen every day.  "They think I'm a griping son of a gun," he said. "Because safety comes first around me. I have been involved in some minor accidents before, and I don't want some kid getting hurt and me having to worry about him limping around for the rest of his life, or having a finger missing."

So he makes them all slow down and respect the equipment they are working with.  "If they are working for me, if I'm paying them, they can do it my way or they can go home,"  he said.

According to the National Ag Safety Database, each year more than 24,000 children are injured in farming accidents, and 300 die annually.