Liposelection (VASER)

LipoSelection body sculpting (or suction-assisted lipectomy) has become one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed today. Proven safety, minimal scarring and outstanding results have made it the preferred method for removing fat from the hips, thighs, buttocks and midriff, as well as areas of the face, neck and arms. LipoSelection is not an alternative to weight reduction, but can be very effective in removing fat from areas that do not respond to diet and exercise programs.

Suction-assisted lipectomy is performed under general or local anesthesia in our office out-patient surgery suite.

Most patients are back to work within a week and positive results can be seen within days after the surgery.

Vaser® LipoSelection

Vaser® LipoSelection is a minimally invasive procedure that precisely and efficiently removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, Vaser® LipoSelection uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology design to gently reshape your body.

What distinguishes the LipoSelection procedure is its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues - such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Vaser® technology breaks up fat while conserving these other important tissues. Only the LipoSelection procedure uses the proprietary Vaser® System to first liquefy fat and then remove it from the body to promote smooth results and rapid healing with only low to minimal pain.