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Skin Care

Special skin care program - We are dedicated to the importance of maintaining the health of your skin.  Therefore, we offer a special, medically-supervised skin care program that is customized to each patient's skin type.  This program includes:

  • A personalized consultation to examine and analyze your skin.

  • Development of an individualized home care program designed for each patient.

  • Continuous monitoring of your progress by our Skin Care Specialist.

  • Possible in-office treatments to provide additional enhancement or stimulation.

  • A continued home maintenance program.

  • The new IS Clinical innovative skin care system regime.

  • Acne skin care treatments and daily regime

  • Obagi Skin Care System

  • PhotoFacial (IPL)

  • Facial and Skin Care Peels

  • Microdermabrasions, Facials and Masks

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