Eastside burglaries

Lawton_Burglars strike again! This time in another east side Lawton neighborhood. But the good news is...police caught who they think is responsible.  They've arrested two people for an overnight burglary spree that happened near in the Park Lane Addition.  The burglars broke into "several" cars, took what they could and left.  But they left a trail of clues behind.

A victim who didn't want to be identified but said she was leaving early this morning around 3 a-m for an early morning flight.  She was loading her car in the dark, went back inside, and that's when the burglars struck.  We'll call her "jane". She was leaving to go out of state for a family funeral.

She went inside for the last bag. But something told her to lock her car, even thought she was only going to be gone for a moment.  That's when she heard a crash outside. As she stepped outside--she noticed two males run off, but still didn't realize she'd been burglarized.  Her car window was shattered.  She looked inside and found that her bags were gone, plus her purse that had over a thousand dollars in it.  "I was shocked. This can't be happening to me. I was trying to leave for a funeral. It's such a inconvenience".

Then, about 5 hours later, the Jones family, who live in the same neighborhood, was waking up.

Annie Jones's son took out the trash.  And that's when he noticed a number of credit cards scattered in their driveway.  Annie quickly called a number on the cards. That quickly connected her to "Jane" who lives about 4 blocks away.

Another neighbor also had a car broken into.  Her c-d's and other identification cards scattered on another lawn a couple of blocks away.  Residents say they are not taking this lightly.  Annie says she's already bought security cameras to be installed on her home.

Lawton Police Captain John Deboard says two adult males are in custody in connection with this string of break-ins.  But so far, none of the missing items have turned up.

Captain Deboard says officers they were able to nab the suspects because officers were doing their nightly patrol in that area near Park Lane.  They noticed two suspicious males near 45th and Elmhurst.  They pulled over to talk with them, but the two took off.  They didn't get far. The officers arrested them for trespassing.

While they were in custody several burglary reports came in from that same area where they were arrested.  That's when investigators connected them to the burglaries.

On a side note-- police don't think that these men are connected to the incident in the sky line east burglaries. They arrested 7 teenagers in those incidents.