World War two parachute jumpers in Frederick

Frederick_It was a day to honor, serve, and remember World War Two parachute team's in Frederick.  Over 300 people came out to watch a World War two demonstration team jump from an old World War Two C-47 plane that was built in 1942.

The past few years bad weather has prevented the parachute jumps.   But, after a little bit of delay due to clouds several people watched from the historic Frederick air field hanger as a dozen men soared in the sky with pride.  Ralph Manley was a Master Sergeant in World War II.   He said that its a real treat for him to watch as these new men pack their chutes and get ready for the big jump.  Manley said this air borne demonstration team is set up to honor, serve, respect the memory of the World War II parachute team and, Manly said, "I'm one of those so I'm very happy they're doing this".

Meanwhile we found Ray Walker who was fan of the parachute teams.   Walker lives just outside of Frederick.  He said it was important to him to bring his grand kids out today.  Walker said, "If we don't have these types of events for these children now then they will never see it.  They will never see what history was and how this country was made".

For the men that jumped today there was also a Wing Pinning Ceremony 1:30 pm, and the author had a book signing on "The Filthy Thirteen".  This was open to the public and free.