Two more car crashes leave a soldier critically injured

Lawton_ Police say two drivers escaped injury late Saturday afternoon following a car crash in Lawton. It happened around 4:30 on Ferris near Morford. Police say the driver of a gray van pulled out in front of a pickup.

Officers say the truck t-boned the van causing it to roll several times. Investigators say fortunately, the van had side impact airbags, which kept the driver from getting hurt. Police say the pickup driver was also able to walk away unharmed.

And Friday night a Fort Sill soldier was critically injured following a motorcycle crash. It happened near Rogers Lane and Sheridan. Police say 21- year-old David Richardson clipped a car on his new motorcycle and lost control. Officers say he broke both of his legs and suffered severe chest injuries. He was flown by helicopter to an Oklahoma City hospital where he's listed in intensive care. Police say he is recovering.