Fugitive in OHP custody!

Lawton_ The manhunt has ended!  Fugitive Josh Muller, on the run since the killings of two kids in Tulsa on Sunday,  is in Oklahoma Highway Patrol's custody.  Authorities said he surrendered peacefully.  "One of our officers spotted some movement in the tree line," said Lawton Police Chief Ronnie Smith.  "The Highway Patrol started checking it out with their tactical team and he just stood up, walked out, gave himself up and listened to our commands.  He is in custody.  He's eat up with mosquitos, dehydrated, sunburned, he looks like he's pretty well-worn."

It was a long two days for law enforcement.  The search was concentrated for two days around East Gore Boulevard, from 75th street to 90th.  Later, that search was extended another half a mile east.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers took to the air early Wednesday morning and Comanche County Sheriff's deputies along with the Lawton Police Department searched on the ground.

A tactical team from OHP was on the scene, as well as the Tulsa Police Department.  Tracking hounds and mules were used and they picked up a scent coming from a hole in the ground.  Sheriff Ken Stradley said it appeared that Muller may have been hiding in that hole.

It was a challenge to find the suspect in this rugged terrain but law enforcement says it wasn't unusual that Muller was able to elude authorities for this long.  They said that Muller has good survival skills and it was kind of like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But now that search is over.

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