Airport tries to secure second airline, loses two regional jets

Lawton_It was just in April of this year that the Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport announced that American Airlines was bringing in two new regional jets to be on line June 14th.  But Monday, Mayor John Purcell announced American Airlines is pulling two regional jets from our airport.  He says American Airlines is sending the jets from to Roswell, NM.

And that's not all. The grant to try to bring a second airline to Lawton expires in September. That means time is running out for the city to get more airline service. And with a higher demand for plane seats now than ever before, the city and the Airport Authority are now on a tight deadline to find a solution.

Mayor John Purcell says it's no secret the Airport Authority has been in discussions with Delta Airlines for a few years now and they have always been uncertain of offering service to Lawton. But, Purcell has to have an agreement with any airline before the end of September, because that's when the department of transportation grant of $575,000 will expire.  The city got the grant two years ago and after one year of not securing an airline, they got a one-year extension.

Now that the extension is close to deadline, the Mayor says we need another airline here now, more than ever.  Purcell says taxpayers have to pay $125 per soldier every time we transport them from Lawton or Altus to Oklahoma City for flights.  And with BRAC increases coming, and last week's announcement of the N-LOS cannon construction site in Elgin, our demand for airline seats is going to increase even more.