FEMA recovery center readying to assist flood victims

Lawton_The FEMA recovery center has opened.  The center will be sort of a one-stop shop to help anyone in Comanche County who has had flooding damage.  Last week, FEMA representatives went door to door, helping Lawton residents fill out their paperwork to file claims.  Now, FEMA workers are setting up this facility where people can come get that help. It's almost ready for people to start coming in tomorrow morning when they'll be able to check on their applications for relief and get any questions answered.

The damage from last months flooding was staggering.  Lawton's Garden Village was particularly hard hit.  Many people didn't know what to do.  That's why FEMA is in Lawton.

Director Clint Wagstaff said, "It's good to see them come in.  The families that have been affected by the flooding. This is their next step in the process of recovery. We're excited to see them here."

FEMA rep's have been working hard all day, setting up the recovery center. It's a place for people to ask questions about their applications for help from the flood damage to their homes.

"They can come here and sit down and talk face to face with someone and get an update or tell them something they might have forgot."  FEMA representative Rita Egan had been traveling all over Texoma making sure everyone is taken care of.  "I love helping people", she said.  "That's it in a nutshell and I feel that we do a good job at it."

That includes teaching people how to prepare for the next disaster.  Manager Joe Redmond said, "We'll have our hazard mitigation people available.  Those are the people who will discuss cleanup as well as repairs and renovations.  New codes and things like that people ought to be aware of."

There will also be help for homeowners and even small businesses. So if you had any damage from the flood, make sure you call FEMA first.  Redmond told us, "Don't make the decision for yourself that the damages weren't that bad much or you don't need that assistance.  Call that toll free number...come out and utilize some of your day by talking to us and finding out what we can and can't do for you."  As Joe Redmond said, "It would be a shame for us to be out here and for them to miss this opportunity."

When you come to the center, be sure to bring your control number that you received online or by phone number and ID.

The center is open from July 25th through the 29th, and then again on August 7th through the 12th.  The hours are from 8am until 6pm.

If you haven't completed an application for fema, you can call their toll free number 1-800-621-fema.