FEMA built it and flood victims came

Comanche County_If you build it, they will come.  And come they did, to Comanche County's disaster relief center. So far, in Oklahoma, 2237 people have applied for assistance after the spring floods. Here in Comanche county 217 have applied.

So far, FEMA has given out almost 5-million dollars in flood assistance. And the disaster relief center is just the place to get assistance.  About 25 people came in to get help, ask questions and most important, apply for financial assistance. The disaster relief center just opened its doors and already people were showing up.

Comanche County was recently approved for federal flooding assistance.  So FEMA representatives were here to get folks back on track.  Applying for federal assistance can sometimes be confusing.  That's why putting together all the resources under one roof will simplify the process.  Once inside, flood victims found the Red Cross is here for immediate needs, the IRS for income tax claims, and inspectors are here to check out flood damage such as mold.

The small business administration is also set up to give out low percent loans for homes, businesses and property.  Rita Egan with FEMA says you can't get help if you don't take advantage of the assistance available.  Egan expects to visit with an average of 25 people a day until they close on Sunday.  After Sunday, July 29th, they will re-open, again, in August.

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