Neighbors relieved after fugitive captured

Lawton_Law enforcement agencies weren't the only ones on edge the past few days. Neighbors around the search zone were in fear that Muller may have escaped the perimeter and trekked onto their property.  Several people we talked to say their guns were loaded and ready to fire if he showed up at their house.  They were ready for authorities to apprehend Muller so they could get back to their quiet lives in the country.

The manhunt really spooked people who live nearby. It's no secret that a lot of people who live in the county don't even lock their front doors.  At least that was the case until Monday, when officers took the area by storm looking for Josh Muller.

A resident of the area, Megan Caldwell said,  "I was worried at first because we have so many people around here. It's nerve racking really." Chance Caldwell, Megan's brother, has hunted for years on the land where Muller was surrounded, and probably knows the area better than anyone. He was even there the day before the suspect was spotted.

Chance said, "I guess that night he was probably in the ditch watching me but I didn't think of it until last night. When they didn't find him I thought, he's already gone."  Fortunately he hadn't.  But the uncertainty was a lot for the Caldwell's to bear. Strange sounds they would normally ignore caused them to panic. That happened to Megan and her boyfriend Tuesday night at one of their barns.  "He walked the horse up and he heard it, he got in and and said let's go. He said drop the feed let's go. He got in the truck and he was really worried."

Down the street Ken Sue Doerfel was also worried.  "There are over a jillion places out here for someone to hide and if they're good at it.", she said.

Muller proved he was pretty good at it. Doerfel says his capture couldn't come at a better time for her.  She's expecting more than one-hundred people at her house Wednesday night and the next few days.  She said, "They've been calling asking do we need a guest list to get off Gore Blvd. and things like that, just joking about it."

Doerfel says she felt safe all along.  She wondered how anyone could feel unsafe with so many officers down the road.