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Lawton_Suspected murderer Josh Muller is now in the custody of Tulsa Police and awaiting his initial court appearance scheduled for Wednesday, August 1.  Muller is accused of murdering two children and injuring another in retaliation against those that he may have believed stole his wife's wallet.  He was taken to Comanche County Memorial Hospital for treatment and then released to Tulsa police who have him in custody there where he has been arraigned.  He is being charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of shooting with intent to kill.

Muller came to Lawton because it's home for him.  He called his Mother-in-law Sunday and told her he'd done something bad, that he had killed some children.  His Mother-in-Law said, "...his voice was shaky and he said something bad's happened and you know, got out of hand.  And he almost started, like, crying, and he said, 'I did something bad.'  After Muller told her his story, she asked him not to do anything and relayed the story to her roommates.  Josh's plan was to withdraw all of his money, write his wife a letter and find a solution.  Whether it was to keep running or commit suicide, his Mother-in-Law didn't know.  After the call, she phoned the Sheriff.  One of the hardest decisions, she said, she'd ever had to make.

His Mother-in-Law didn't expect Muller to come out of this alive.  She is thankful he surrendered quietly because she was horrified that someone else might get injured in his struggle to escape authorities.  She said she felt relieved, but is still aching for the murdered children.

Early this week 7 News was told that Muller thought the people in the SUV had beaten up his wife.  But, after our interview with Maria, she told us she believed the people in the SUV had stolen his wife's wallet.  She believes he showed such good survival skills over the past few days because he was abused as a child, and he resolved to learn how to protect himself so nothing else could hurt him again.  And, she feels that it might be the reason he fought on behalf of her daughter, because he wanted to protect her too.