Arrest made for rash of shootings in Altus. Police believe they are related

Altus_  There has been another shooting in Jackson County.  Just before midnight Wednesday, an Altus neighborhood was awakened by the sound of gunfire.  This makes the fourth shooting incident this month.  Three different locations, but the same MO.  Multiple casings and a quick getaway, by car or by foot.

But, this time around, police have a suspect in custody.  The police think that this is related to the other Altus shootings and are  busy are collecting all the evidence to tie them all together.

Teresa Mobley and her kids have only lived in this neighborhood for a short while and she isn't happy about this incident.  Their house is only three doors down from the one that was shot up in a "run-by".  "Just getting ready for bed and the next thing we know is we're hearing shooting going on." she said.  The culprits also shot up three cars.  "That scared me because I have two little ones and as long as they're safe I'm fine." Mobley said.

It was around 11pm when Altus police officers received the call of shots fired in the 1000 block of North Thomas Street.  When they got there, they found broken windows, the shot-up house and cars.  They say everything points to the same shooters who shot up a house on West Broadway and another on South Baucum Street.

"Multiple shell casings were found once again on this shooting as we've had on the other shootings." Detective Michael Turner said.  The caliber of the bullets appears to be the same, too.  But this time, neighbors came forward and told police what they saw.  Not long afterward, they found 3 people in the neighborhood, questioned them, and that led to the arrest of Brian Alcorta.

Alcorta is being held on an unrelated charge and is expected to be in court tomorrow to answer for the current charges.  But, police think he is involved with all of these July shootings.  "I believe some of the same players that were involved from the last shootings were involved in this shooting we had last night." Turner said.

The police feel they have a great lead on solving these crimes and putting an end to the neighborhood violence.  All Teresa Mobley is worried about is the safety of her kids,  "And for me, personally, if that's going to go on, go somewhere else." she said.