Notorious gang ringleader behind bars

Altus_33 year old Mark Ford was arrested by Altus police around 2am this Thursday.  He is considered, by Lawton and Altus police to be the ringleader of much of the gang activity in Southwest Oklahoma.

The Altus police department got a tip that Ford was in an apartment on the city's south side.  Sure enough, when police got there, Ford was standing outside.  They arrested him on drug possession and on some old warrants.  Lawton and Altus authorities say his arrest is good news.

Both police departments say Ford has a lot of ties to much of the street activity going on in both cities.  Ford has a lengthy rap sheet including many drug charges in Comanche County.  He was an inmate at a Cushing prison in 2005 when a riot broke out.  An inmate was killed and several others were injured.  Ford was originally charged with first degree murder in the death of the inmate, but, those charges were reduced to causing a riot.  Those charges were eventually dropped and dismissed at the State's request after Ford's release on a $50,000 bond.

While Ford was out on bond, he was arrested at Denny's on Cache Road after causing a disturbance.  That was in April of 2006.  Ever since his release, a lot of people have been looking for him including authorities in Southwest Oklahoma and even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Authorities hope Ford's arrest will jog people's memory about his possible involvement with any other crimes.  They feel now that he's safely in jail, people will feel more free to come forward.  If you have any information about Mark Ford, call your local law enforcement.