Ft. Sill awards named for fallen Marines

Ft. Sill_Two Marine war heroes who called southwest Oklahoma home will be remembered for many years to come.  That's because, as of Monday, their names will grace awards given out to outstanding Marines four times a year.

The Marine Corps League chose Corporal Joshua Ware, Apache, and Lance Corporal Lamont Wilson, Lawton,  to have the "Marine" and the "NCO of the Quarter" awards named after them.  The awards named for the two fallen soldiers will be given to Marines who show nonstop, outstanding performance in the Corps.  The Marine Corps League thought it was only fitting to honor these good soldiers with awards named after two of the best.  Both Corporal Ware and Lance Corporal Wilson were killed in action in Iraq.

It was a bittersweet moment for Corporal Josua Ware's mother, Alicia Mammadety.  "It's a great honor to have him recognized as he's been recognized and honored," she said.  "I just wish he was here to see it."

Wilson's father Lanny echoed those sentiments.  He said Lamont joined the Marines just 5 days after graduating high school.  "He wanted to prove to me that he was a man and he proved that.  He's my hero," said Wilson,

Colonel Scott Campbell, the Commanding Officer for the Marine Detachment at Fort Sill, presented the families with American flags flown over the quadrangle on post.  "We, as the Marine Corps family, don't forget these two individuals who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  This is a small token of our appreciation and something to provide the families so they know their sons won't be forgotten," said Colonel Campbell.

The awards bearing Wilson and Ware's names are given out quarterly.  They will be displayed in the Command Post in the Marine Detachment on post.