Early start for school vaccinations

Lawton_Summer is just about over, and time to think about school.  That means a lot of children will be getting their required vaccinations.  Last year, the Comanche County Health Department gave out shots and parents did a good job of getting the shots taken care of to beat the last minute lines.

Lawton Public School sessions start in around two weeks.  But that doesn't mean that you should wait until then to start vaccinating your school aged children.  This year, the health department, along with private physicians are hoping you take advantage of the next two weeks to avoid the rush.

Heather Sanders and her two boys have the right idea.  They decided to come early and avoid the lines and the wait.  The moment she got a break from work, Sanders came to get the boys' shots up to date.  "I plan it on my day off and everything gets done," she said, "Years ago I used to wait forever."

District Nurse Manager Rena Evans says the natural excuse for not getting shots early is procrastination.  Parents just want their kids to have a worry free summer.  "If you wait before the day of school," she said, "The next day they are not feeling the best, maybe."  So, avoid the rush, get your kids up to date on their shots.

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