Reckless driving causes teens to crash

Lawton_Three Lawton teenagers escaped a near fatal car accident in Comanche County just before midnight, Monday. The accident happened on Cache Road just West of 75th Street near the old water tower.  Witnesses told Trooper Larry King that the vehicle seemed to be going 100 miles per hour.  The speed limit posted on that road is 45 miles per hour.  The 17-year-old driver is in the hospital today in serious condition along with one of her passengers.  The other is in serious condition.

The car the teens were in, rolled over several times and crushed the roof.  It sent glass, hub caps, cell phones, CDs and even a lone flip flop, flying. Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the only thing that stopped the vehicle from continuing to roll was a peach tree.

The group was driving from Fletcher and on their way to 17-year-old passenger Kadie Sims' parent's home.  The accident has left 30 stitches in Sims' arm, 10 stitches on one of her knees and a lot of swelling, in general.  She says they were going too fast and when they went over a hill, the car spun out of control.  Kadie is lucky, considering just how bad this accident was and, very happy to be alive.  Luckily, all three girls had their seatbelts on and Sims says they were in a car that has audio seat belt warnings on both the passenger's and driver's sides of the vehicle.

Larry Ballou has lived off of Cache Road in Comanche County for years now and knows the road is very dangerous.  He says he hopes others will take this as a warning and slow down next time they're driving.  "If its young kids inside they're excited, they have just graduated high school or gotten a new job or in college and they're not thinking," said Ballou.  "Well, we all... even adults we just get caught off guard and the next thing you know you're in a situation that can hurt you."

"Compared to the other two girls I'm very, very lucky."  Kadie said.  She was conscious for the entire accident and said it feels like a bad dream that keeps playing in her mind.  "It was so slow and I just tucked my body in because I could just see something else happening, it was terrifying", she said.  Sims says that this has been a huge wakeup call for her, "You just see your friends, both of them passed out, not ok, it's just awful."

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